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Francoise Wilson: Finding Balance

Like many parents, Francoise Wilson yearned to find a way to combine her personal obligations with a return to the accounting world.

Francoise’s family commitments meant that a regular, full-time position would not fit well. “I didn’t want to give up anything,” Francoise recalls, “The school events, the kids’ games, volunteering. I wanted time to do all that and work too.”
Francoise, previously an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand and a 1993 Baltimore-to-Pittsburgh transplant, had heard that Bookminders was offering opportunities for accountants that wanted to work part-time. She joined the company in 2005.

“With the ability to work primarily from home, my personal life and business commitments were balanced. As my children grew and I had more time, I took on more clients. I was able to easily adjust my workload. Over time, I experienced a gradual evolution of growth in both clients and responsibilities.”

Once Francoise’s children went to college, she accepted a full-time management position. “As a Client Relations Manager, I coached others through the process of integrating personal and professional responsibilities.”

In 2017, the long-awaited opportunity to transfer home to Maryland arose at her husband’s company. Bookminders decided that rather than see a valuable employee leave, they would open an office in the Baltimore market, with Francoise at its helm. As the Baltimore CRM, Francoise enjoys the structured flexibility she has come to expect from Bookminders, as well as the opportunity to positively impact the company’s small business and nonprofit clients.

Francoise is glad to be home, extending optimal work-life balance to accountants in the Baltimore-Annapolis area. “I raised my family without missing anything and I had a job I loved. I’ve been able to move back home and stay with Bookminders. My work-life balance is ideal. The best part is, now I get to help others in this region achieve it too.

About Francoise: Francoise Wilson, a graduate of the University of Baltimore, is the Client Relations Manager for Bookminders Baltimore. She also serves as the Quality Assurance Manager for all Bookminders locations and is a Meals on Wheels America volunteer.