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Anne Marie Wiegmann: Valuing Flexibility

Anne Marie Wiegmann has obtained full-time professional growth and support in her flexible role with Bookminders.

After starting her career as an Auditor and Manager in public accounting, Anne Marie’s expanding family necessitated flexible employment.” At first, I considered striking out on my own, but I didn’t want the responsibility of running a business. I wanted some freedom, yet I wanted a team behind me offering resources and support. Bookminders was exactly what I had been looking for!”

Over time Anne Marie took on more complex clients and project management roles, eventually becoming the Quality Assurance Manager in 2013. “Both my kids were in college. I wanted to grow professionally but still maintain my part-time status. Bookminders allowed me to progress without working full-time. It’s rare to find a company that will heavily invest in a part-time employee.”

In 2016, Anne Marie’s roll expanded to include that of Client Relations Manager.” My manager said I was
considered an expert resource by everyone. I felt fortunate to work for a company that recognizes the value of part-time staff.”

In 2017, the company opened two new offices, changing and temporarily increasing Anne Marie’s management duties. “It has been an exciting time for us as an organization. I am glad to support our expansion by taking care of our business in Pittsburgh.”

Equally motivating to Anne Marie is Bookminders’ culture of open collaboration and structured independence.” Our senior management team is receptive to ideas and works right alongside us as needed. It’s a cooperative rather than competitive environment, everyone’s goal is to maximize the client’s experience.”

Anne Marie is thankful for a company that puts action to the usual claims of employee support and investment. “Bookminders was created to provide meaningful roles for accountants needing flexibility, just like me. The opportunities and support given to me, and every bookminder is exceptional and very rare in the part-time realm.”

About Anne Marie:  Anne Marie, a graduate of the University of Michigan, is the Client Relations Manager for Bookminders Pittsburgh. She is a long-time volunteer for Meals on Wheels and serves on multiple committees at St. Benedict the Abbot Church in McMurray.