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Lisa Wentz: Creating Harmony

Lisa Wentz has leveraged Bookminders’ flexible workplace to achieve the optimum balance of career growth and personal fulfillment.

After working in DC as a Financial Analyst and Controller with US News & World Report, Lisa was excited to return to her Philadelphia roots in 1995 to raise her three children. In 2007, while working as an independent bookkeeper, Lisa learned that Bookminders had opened a Philadelphia office and was looking for part-time accountants. “I liked being self-employed since it gave me the ability to work my schedule around my family’s needs. On the other hand, finding new clients was time consuming and I didn’t enjoy it. I needed more harmony between work and family life, but I was only willing to change if it didn’t require full time hours. The flexibility offered at Bookminders, and the ability to be instrumental in growing a new office was the perfect opportunity for me.”

Over the next few years, Lisa became an expert bookminder, leading to an increase in clients and special project work. “I was enjoying myself immensely and I had all the personal time I needed. It was the perfect blend of work and family time for me.” In 2013, a promotion to Project Manager expanded her responsibilities and earning potential, without a move to full-time. “I was continuing to progress in my career while maintaining my part-time status.” In 2015, Lisa was promoted again to Client Relations Manager. “I enjoy being a valued resource for our accountants, leading them as they grow with Bookminders. As a manager, the variety of my work keeps me challenged and engaged without consuming every hour of my day.”

Lisa feels the growth opportunities at Bookminders have provided incredible personal and financial rewards. “It was great to contribute to my kids’ education without missing any time with them. Now that they are grown, I can focus on saving for retirement while exploring my personal interests.” Full-time work might be possible for Lisa at this point in her life, but it’s certainly not a move she’s planning to make anytime soon. “Why would I go full-time? I’m not missing out on anything. With Bookminders, my work and personal lives are already perfectly balanced.”

About Lisa: Lisa Wentz, a graduate of Gettysburg College, is the Client Relations Manager for Bookminders’ Philadelphia office. She is an avid runner and community volunteer. Lisa currently resides in West Chester, PA.