Improved Work-Life Balance Benefits Women in Accounting

Interest in increasing work-life balance is on the rise. “More than one in four employees (27 percent) at organizations that are not perceived to support work-life balance plan to leave their companies within the next two years.”1 This issue especially impacts women in accounting. The AICPA recognizes that, while women initially represent 50% of new accountants, a lack of family-friendly environments leads to poor staff retention.2 Many firms attempt to offer flex programs to combat this, but in many cases, those programs don’t go far enough in restoring work-life balance, and the loss of key talent persists.

One solution to providing a work-life balanced environment can be found in the virtual workplace. The demand for this type of remote work continues to increase. Global Workplace Analytics reports that “79% of people want to work from home [and] 36% would choose it over a pay raise.”3 Happily for accountants, “Acceptance of cloud-based solutions in the finance function continues to rise. 72 percent of U.S. respondents said they are either using cloud-based solutions or plan to do so in the future, compared to 62 percent in 2016.”4

Bookminders knows that combining flexible work policies and cloud based technologies permits professional growth and unparalleled work-life integration. In fact, we’ve been recognized by the American Society of Women Accountants for doing just that. Our employees enjoy a flexible part-time schedule, access to training and support, and opportunities to work on challenging assignments.

Bookminders provides timely, accurate and cost effective accounting services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Clients use Bookminders as an alternative to hiring in-house staff and benefit from cost savings, improved financial management, access to qualified staff and elimination of distractions due to turnover. Click here to learn more about our services.

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