Carrie Trager

Carrie Trager

The flexibility that Bookminders offers is the key reason I joined the company, and why I have been able to stay on despite various family life changes. I took a long maternity leave and didn’t feel pressured to come back before I was ready. After the birth of my second child, Bookminders allowed me to slowly ramp up my client workload so I could ease back into work in a way that didn’t detract from my newly-expanded family!

At the beginning of the pandemic, we moved out of state for my husband’s job and Bookminders provided additional coverage for my clients during that time. As we’ve settled into our new home, I’ve been able to add more client and administrative work as time permits. I’m so grateful for Bookminders, I don’t know of any other company that allows for this much flexibility while still offering work that is so dynamic and fulfilling.

I love that I am challenged at work and able to utilize my accounting education, while still being present and available for my family. I no longer dread “busy season,” because every one of my coworkers and managers are so supportive! Even though we don’t work together in a physical office, the comradery at Bookminders is great. Each person on the leadership team originally worked as a bookminder and really understands the day-to-day processes result in managers who are extremely knowledgeable and empathetic. All in all, the Bookminders process, work environment, and management philosophy is perfect for me. I adore the dependability of my work life, because life usually isn’t predicable!

Carrie grew up in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. After graduating from Northeastern University with a BS in Accounting and Finance, she received her Masters in Accountancy from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012. She worked in the Personal Financial Services department of an international accounting firm and later, a local CPA firm. She began working at Bookminders in 2018 after her first son was born.

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