Denise Swenson

Denise Swenson

Joining Bookminders has given me a tremendous amount of personal and professional freedom. In my previous role as a controller, I worked many hours in a traditional, in-office setting. At Bookminders, I control the number of clients and schedule I want to maintain without pressure to take on more.  Choosing a part-time schedule has also allowed me to get involved in additional company projects, expanding my professional development and making me a more well-rounded accountant. Working mostly from my home office has led to better productivity, more time at home for my family, and the flexibility to enjoy long weekends whenever I choose.

Bookminders supports numerous industries and entity-types, and the new experiences I’ve enjoyed through a diverse client portfolio has greatly increased my accounting IQ. Over the past few years, I have felt a strong sense of accomplishment in helping our clients navigate the uncertainty of the pandemic. The autonomy and growth I’ve enjoyed at Bookminders has been balanced with just the right amount of support. I can rely on a group of knowledgeable peers and managers to provide me with the guidance and tools to do a job that I can be proud of. Looking ahead, I am confident that there will always be something new to learn that will further my career and keep me motivated.     

Denise grew up in central Pennsylvania and earned a BS in Health Planning and Administration from The Pennsylvania State University.  She has previously worked as a controller for a brain injury rehabilitation facility and as a financial analysis consultant for a commercial real estate firm.  After amassing more than 20 years of accounting experience, Denise joined the Bookminders team in 2019.

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