Jaclyn Bullock

Jaclyn Bullock

The close relationships I have formed with my clients is one of the top reasons I enjoy working at Bookminders. Before I came here, I worked at a very large company and the feel was very distant and hands-off. I always struggled to find a concrete link between my efforts and the success of the company. At Bookminders, I hold weekly client meetings which lead to open dialogue as I address their questions and concerns. The obvious value my clients derive from these sessions has made it easy to understand how significantly my work affects their decision making.  I truly feel like a valued member of the team, both at Bookminders and with each of my clients. 

On top of the satisfaction I get from having such a meaningful effect on my clients’ success, Bookminders’ commitment to work-life balance has made a huge positive impact on my life!  Because the company prioritizes balance and flexibility, I feel extremely fulfilled in my role at work but can easily rearrange my work schedule to accommodate all my family’s needs and wants. 

On top of consistently providing all the flexibility we need, Bookminders offers challenging and exciting ways for us to learn new things and expand our skill sets.  Yet despite these trainings and other opportunities, I never feel pressured to take on more than I want to. Working at Bookminders lets me enjoy the best of both worlds, I never feel like I am missing out on anything at home or at work!   

Jaclyn grew up in Staten Island, New York before moving to Pennsylvania to attend Lehigh University.  She worked in financial reporting for a large insurance company for 10 years before joining the Bookminders team in 2015. In 2023, Jaclyn was named a Team Advisor for Bookminders. She enjoys watching her children’s’ sporting events and baking healthier versions of classis desserts.

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