Jeff Hart

Jeff Hart

When my former employer moved from Pittsburgh to New Jersey, I began working remotely because my family and I wanted to remain in Pittsburgh. As I approached the retirement age there, I didn’t feel ready to completely retire. I still wanted to apply my accounting knowledge in a meaningful way and continue to supplement my income, but I didn’t want another position with a heavy workload.

Bookminders was the perfect match for my situation! Because of the remote-first culture and flexibility of the bookminder role, I have enjoyed a schedule that easily adjusts around my other responsibilities. The dynamic adaptability of my work has allowed me to be there for my parents and in-laws in their golden years, taking them to appointments, helping them around the house, and just spending additional, precious time with them. The freedom Bookminders’ work-life balance has given me has also extended to my wife! She has greater freedom to attend to her own professional and personal responsibilities because my schedule can be as static or variable as I choose.

In addition to flexibility and work-life balance, I also appreciate the accessibility of my manager and the feeling of camaraderie I have with my coworkers. Our entire team is remote-first, but the great tools and technology Bookminders supplies have allowed me to always feel connected and supported. That feeling of connectedness also applies to my clients. In my role, I have the pleasure of working with clients in many different industries and locations, and through our weekly meetings and regular communication, they know I am always aware of their needs and accessible when there are questions.

I want others who are at the same place I was a few years ago to know that retirement from a regular, full-time role doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, growing, and contributing professionally. You just need to find the right partner. Through a unique blend of flexibility and support, Bookminders is just right for this chapter of my life.

Jeff received his BA in Business Administration from Grove City College in 1980 and a MBA with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005.  He was previously a Business Unit Finance Manager and various other Finance/Accounting roles in consumer-packaged goods and manufacturing companies.  Jeff joined Bookminders in 2018 with 35+ years of accounting and finance experience.