Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller

Working at Bookminders has allowed me to continually grow as a professional while balancing my work and personal life. When my youngest son was born in 2012, I was looking for an employer who would value my professional experience and skills yet still provide enough latitude at work to make my family a priority. Bookminders offered all of that and more, a professional and authentic company culture with the flexibility to be engaged in the day to day aspects of my sons’ lives. 

I have been fortunate to work with a variety of clients over the past nine years, but I’ve also been able to show up at field trips, basketball games and parent-teacher conferences.  Prior to working at Bookminders, I worked in public accounting and was a Controller at a construction company.  I expected to trade off feeling challenged at work for flexibility, yet I continue to be surprised at the interesting & complex work I have at Bookminders.  While I expected my experience level to plateau once I joined Bookminders, my knowledge continues to expand. 

In 2012, I didn’t foresee the health obstacles my family would encounter, but because of those issues, the flexibility and work-life balance became even more valuable. I didn’t have to make a choice between my career and family, Bookminders provided the perfect balance of stability and flexibility so that I could continue to be completely present for both. Our family’s circumstances continue to change, but Bookminders commitment to work-life balance does not.  I will always be grateful that I found an employer that was committed to both my professional and personal well-being.

Jen grew up in a small-town northeast of Pittsburgh.  After graduating from Penn State University with a BS in Accounting, she worked at a public accounting firm, obtained her CPA license, and worked as a Controller for a construction company. Jen joined Bookminders in 2012 to take advantage of a more flexible schedule which better suited her growing family.

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