Julie Connolly

Julie Connolly

One of the best aspects of my role at Bookminders is the wide variety of clients and industries that I work with.  Whether it’s a nonprofit organization, a multi-entity company, or a family owned small business, there is always something unique and interesting about the work.  I greatly enjoy getting to know my clients and being able to create solid relationships with them.  I feel fortunate that I have been able to contribute to the success of so many small business and nonprofits in our community. 

The flexibility that Bookminders offers is another top reason I value working here. Because I can easily adjust the volume of my workload and my schedule, I have been able to create a career/life balance that is optimal for me and my family. When my children were younger and needed more dedicated time, I was able to have a smaller client portfolio.  Although my portfolio was smaller, I was able to remain active in the accounting profession and keep my skills current.  As my children have grown, I have been able to increase my client portfolio in both volume and complexity, and progress even further in my profession.  The growth and flexibility I enjoy at Bookminders means a win-win for my family and career! 

Julie received her degree from The Ohio State University in 1993.  She was previously an Assistant Controller and then Director of Finance for Marriott Hotels in New York City.  Julie joined Bookminders in 2014 and was named a Team Advisor in 2023. Julie has a passion for music and plays the piano and flute.

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