“Bookminders has helped us achieve success through accurate tracking and reporting of our complex financials.”

Bookminders has been a great partner to the Northside Community Development Fund. We are a CDFI. We are a mission-based lender that provides financing to small businesses and to non-profit community development organizations. Our accounting needs are complex. And accurate tracking and reporting of cash, loans, and capital are critical to our success. Bookminders has helped us achieve success by handling all of our accounting needs.

The Neighborhood Community Development Fund provides an array of financing and technical services to promote community development and healthy businesses in the City of Pittsburgh.

“As a small non-profit we worry about having good financial controls and proper separation of duties, Bookminders provides that layer of security”, says Executive Director Mark Masterson.  “We have very complex accounting, with dozens of bank accounts and numerous active business loans to administer.  They keep exact track of everything.”

Bookminders has been working with the Neighborhood Community Development Fund since 2001.  Mark feels fortunate that Bookminders was involved with the organization when he came aboard in 2006.  “When I started as Executive Director in 2006, the Development Fund was in transition due to significant staff turnover.  Fortunately, our bookminder knew our business well and got us through the transition. She not only kept the books and tracked all the loans, but she ran our internal loan tracking software for three months.  All in all, we didn’t miss a beat, but only because of the support of our bookminder, who helped us through our hour of need.”

Another big concern for Mark is the annual audit; he soon learned that with Bookminders this was not an issue.  “Our audits have been excellent.  We’ve never had a finding.  Bookminders takes what’s usually a painful process and makes it routine.”

Mark recommends the service to the businesses that the Fund supports in the community.  “One business owner said that it has saved her a lot of time and headaches (to turn the bookkeeping over to Bookminders).”  It not only helps the business owner maintain financial control but it also makes reporting the use of their funding even easier.