Rachel Barkey

Rachel Barkey

I was drawn to Bookminders in 2008 while searching for an accounting role that would provide the flexibility I needed to manage a growing family. The employee-first culture at Bookminders proved invaluable, giving me the professional growth I had been seeking along with a degree of work-life balance that isn’t available anywhere else!

When my husband’s job moved us from Pennsylvania to Maryland in 2013, I moved on to other accounting roles, but never found anything that matched the supportive culture I had enjoyed at Bookminders. With other firms, building a successful work schedule around my personal responsibilities and family activities was stressful and problematic. Thankfully, I was able to return to Bookminders in 2018 and once again had the flexibility, growth, and work-life balance I had been so sorely missing. I recommend Bookminders to any accountant looking for a company that treats employees as both professionals and individuals with busy lives outside of work.

Rachel grew up in Donora, PA and earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting at Duquesne University.  She worked as a Foreign Exchange Accountant and Senior Analyst with PNC Bank before joining Bookminders in 2008 and then returning in 2018.  Rachel, her husband and three children reside in Grasonville, MD.

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