Rhonda Stariha

Rhonda Stariha

Working at Bookminders has never felt like ‘just another day’ at the office. Instead of working in the financial department for just one company, being a bookminder presents the opportunity to help clients in a wide variety of disciplines and sectors. Being part of these organizations as they have grown and flourished has been exciting and fulfilling. 

Along with a varied and interesting client portfolio, I am provided with the resources and support I need to remain educated and informed. Processes, technology, and tools are constantly improving. Our team maintains an open dialogue around innovations and implements those which add the most value, improving clients’ financial systems and data security. All the tools, training and management support provided over my 13 years at Bookminders have increased my professional confidence tenfold.

In addition to upholding service excellence and best practices, Bookminders has a strong commitment to work-life balance. This has enabled me to raise a family without having to miss a school or social function, and at the same time, build a meaningful career in the ever-changing accounting field. Unlike many of my peers who left the workforce to raise their children, Bookminders’ family friendly culture allowed me to be present for my family without making professional sacrifices.

Rhonda grew up in Springdale, Pennsylvania and earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh, Oakland. She began her accounting career at AT&T Corporate Leasing before joining Bookminders in 2009. Rhonda, her husband and three children reside in Allegheny Township.

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