Vanessa Trapp

Vanessa Trapp

When I decided to leave a full-time corporate position, it didn’t seem likely that I would work again in an accounting position – Bookminders changed that. I enjoy that I can do the work that I am passionate about yet enjoy many benefits atypical in this industry. Many job descriptions claim the company offers a “flexible work schedule,” but isn’t usually the case. It truly is the reality at Bookminders! Each day, week and month is totally different but the flexibility I enjoy is something that never changes. I can allow my life to dictate my work schedule, not the other way around. All that I need and want to do fits together perfectly, allowing me to support my family AND enjoy a successful career while working from my home office.

Bookminders has had a positive impact on my life in several ways. New opportunities are always on the horizon and I can accept them at a level that fits with my desired pace. I appreciate that I am often asked to move out of my comfort zone yet, at the same time, every opportunity is optional. I can evaluate increasing my client load while being confident that that saying “no” is accepted and respected. The outstanding management support that is provided has allowed me to remain open to new projects or tasks I might have otherwise skipped over. Both the continued flexibility and management responsiveness have allowed me to continue to grow and develop in my career in a non-traditional way

Working at Bookminders has been much more than I imagined when I first accepted the position. Over the years, it has been easy to take on new challenges, stretching myself and enhancing my skills while working with a variety of clients. Maintaining proper balance in my life has been simple given the highly flexible work schedule and home office environment. The interaction with my Bookminders team members has always been helpful and enjoyable. What I have learned so far at the company both professionally and personally has been invaluable, and my life is forever changed by being part of this team. Working at Bookminders is not just a job, it is a lifestyle!

Vanessa grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan. She worked as a Manager of Financial Reporting until 2013 when she decided to leave the workforce to focus full time on her family.  In 2015, her husband accepted a new position with his company, relocating Vanessa and her family to the Philadelphia area. She began working at Bookminders in 2017 and was named a Team Advisor in 2023. Vanessa enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants and NBA basketball!

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