Butler County Humane Society

Butler County Humane Society

“Our auditor gave us a lower quote for next year’s audit, knowing that he is now auditing clean books.”

The Butler County Humane Society is a non-profit organization that cares for nearly 2,000 homeless dogs and cats each year.

Susan Yanakos, Board President and ex- Interim Director, says “we decided to outsource our bookkeeping for a variety of reasons.  We had experienced a lot of bookkeeper turnover, our financial controls needed to be improved, and our books were sloppy.”

BCHS’s auditor, Cypher and Cypher, recommended Bookminders.  Says David Carmichael, “Bookminders knows nonprofit accounting and their people are excellent.  They are just what BCHS needed.”

BCHS interviewed Bookminders and they liked what they saw, particularly the weekly face-to-face meetings, the weekly Executive Summary, 24/7 on-line access to their data and Bookminders’ extensive experience with non-profit organizations.

Yanakos was pleased that Bookminders started improving the accounting system immediately: “Our bookminder streamlined our chart of accounts and our Board reports became user friendly.  We now get the reports into the Board’s hands, when they need them.”

“Bookminders started tracking our grants in QuickBooks.  Now we have accurate reports that show how the grant money is spent.  To be on top of our grant tracking is critical for accountability and applying for grants in the future.”

BCHS also needed to track their many fundraising events.  “Now, we get an accurate accounting of all financial aspects, right at our fingertips.  We know exactly how much each event raises.”

“Bookminders gave us a system for tracking invoices.  We know all the invoices outstanding and we have been able to collect overdue invoices that had been slipping through the cracks.”

Susan Yanakos is able to say, “bringing in Bookminders was the best decision I ever spearheaded.  We needed a lot of cleaning up, which wouldn’t have occurred without Bookminders’ help.  And now we have better financial controls in place, better reporting, and no more turnover problems.”

After only six months with Bookminders, the BCHS audit went much better.  Susan says “in fact, our auditor gave us a lower quote for next year’s audit, knowing that he is now auditing clean books.”