Green Building Alliance

Green Building Alliance

“When I told my Board that I wanted to outsource our bookkeeping to Bookminders, it was an easy sale.”

Mike Schiller is a long time Bookminders client.  “This is the third different organization I’ve managed where I’ve used Bookminders.  I started with them about twenty years ago and I appreciate that the service has been consistent and reliable for all those years.  It just works.”

Green Building Alliance is a nonprofit organization that advances economic prosperity and human well-being inWestern Pennsylvaniaby driving market demand for green buildings and green building products.

Believing that green buildings make good sense, they strive to integrate environmentally responsible, high-performance green building practices into the design, construction, and operation of buildings throughout our region.

When it came time for Mike to look for a solution for the bookkeeping at Green Building Alliance, he knew where to turn. “I was looking for a combination of lower cost and more experience.  I wanted to use the best practices in the industry.  We needed to replace a part-time in-house bookkeeper.  I needed to know that the bookkeeping would be done reliably and properly.” 

Bookminders’ reputation made convincing the board an easy task for Mike.  “When I told my Board that I wanted to outsource our bookkeeping to Bookminders, it was an easy sale.  Bookminders has established a solid reputation and many of the Board members were familiar with Bookminders.  I got comments like “that’s a good answer.”  There were no objections.”

Mike and the board are glad with their decision.  “As a non-profit, we have a lot of complex issues, like restricted funds and a very complicated on-line system for memberships and registration.  It can be very confusing.  Bookminders understands it and does the appropriate accounting.  My bookminder reconciles all the on-line activity and presents it in a way that makes sense.”