Jill Edwards

Jill Edwards

One of the best parts of my job at Bookminders is the wide variety of clients and industries I get to enjoy. This diversity has helped enhance my knowledge in so many sectors. I love working with my clients and know they consider me to be a valued partner.

Working at Bookminders has also expanded my technical accounting skills, especially in ways that have been invaluable to our clients throughout the pandemic. The monthly training sessions ensure that I’m always up-to-date on accounting guidance and pronouncements. As a bookminder, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in fun and interesting learning opportunities. These include researching guidance on technical issues like PPP Loans, Lease Accounting, and Inventory Valuations, as well as special projects like developing a custom PTO tracker and contributing to due diligence procedures for a potential acquisition.

The fact that I’ve been able to work on such interesting and varied projects primarily from home is amazing! I have the flexibility to set and adjust my schedule in a way that best fits my family. This has given me fantastic work-life balance and career development without sacrificing in my personal life.

Jill grew up in Philadelphia, PA and attended LaSalle University where she received her BS in Accounting. She previously worked as an auditor for a Big Four Accounting Firm and later joined a regional firm as an Audit Manager. After taking a few years off to raise her two sons, Jill returned to work for a Global Financial Services Firm prior to joining Bookminders in 2018.