Pines Tavern

Pines Tavern

“We hired Bookminders so we could focus on running our business.  I didn’t go into the hospitality business to do bookkeeping.”

Surrounded by stately pine trees, the aptly named Pines Tavern is located on 13 acres in Gibsonia,PA.   It looks like a cozy country inn from the outside.  Inside, diners are greeted with casual elegance.  Their greenhouse grows herbs and baby lettuces year-round.

Owner Mike Novak is not an accountant.  “I didn’t go into the hospitality business to do bookkeeping.  We used to do our bookkeeping internally.  But we had several bad experiences.  Our business was growing and the bookkeeping was not our primary focus.   We hired Bookminders so we could focus on running our business.”

Mike’s office is now more organized.  “Our accounting function operates with minimal input from us and we’re able to concentrate on the restaurant.  We look forward to meeting with our bookminder every week.  It’s been a good experience.”

“The service has been exceptional and the whole operation runs seamlessly.  We have up-to-date information all the time.  We have easy access to our bookminder, so we get prompt answers to our questions.  Our bookminder has a ‘can do’ attitude.  She puts my interest first.”

Mike appreciates that his books are well organized.  “When a vendor calls to complain that a bill is not paid, my bookminder researches the problem immediately.  Our bookminder has saved us a lot of money on bills we would have probably paid twice.”

“Using Bookminders has been a good experience.  They’ve helped me learn and grow as a business owner.  They are part of my team and want to see me succeed.”