Austin Selected as Location for Bookminders’ First Office in Texas

May 2, 2022: AUSTIN, TX – Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, Bookminders is excited to announce its entrance into the Texas area with the debut of Bookminders Austin. Bookminders provides complete outsourced accounting solutions for over 475 small to mid-size businesses and nonprofit organizations across its current footprint and looks forward to extending service to Austin and the surrounding areas.

Clients across a wide-variety of industries benefit from the company’s propriety accounting management platform and processes that result in reliable, timely, and cost-effective bookkeeping services. Bookminders supports their nonprofit clients with superior grant management and monitoring, functional expense tracking and comprehensive Board reporting.

From its founding in 1991, Bookminders, has provided flexible, part-time positions in a primarily work-from-home setting for degreed accountants.  The company has built a smart, connected, and remote-first workforce. Advocates of the work-from-home concept before the term became a cultural norm, Bookminders leverages innovative, continually evolving technology and forward-thinking work management practices.

With their Austin office launch, Bookminders will hire several part-time, remote-first accountants to work in Central Texas. Their accountants visit with clients weekly and perform most processing duties from their home offices. Employees enjoy the freedom to modify their workload based on personal goals and their earnings scale directly in relation to their productivity and client portfolio size. Bookminders culture has always prioritized work-life balance, making it the rule, not the exception. 

Bookminders receives over half of its new clients through referrals from public accounting firms. They streamline the work for auditors and CPAs through their comprehensive, professional and standardized Year-End Packages. The company does not provide competing tax, audit, or consulting services, making it a perfect partner to organizations that do.

Business Development Director Pam Hartigan, who has been with the company since 2001 and relocated to Austin in 2021, is thrilled to lead the Bookminders Austin expansion. “I’m such a good fit for the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ movement,” she laughs, “and so is Bookminders. We’re both unique, authentic, and deeply committed. I’ve accomplished so much with Bookminders over the last 21 years, and together, we’re ready to help Austin businesses and nonprofits optimize resources through outsourced accounting.”

Bookminders has been named a 2021 Impact Company of the Year by DotCom Magazine. This award recognizes privately owned companies who have grown and adapted to the shifting economy to make an important impact on their clients, staff, and the industries in which they operate.                             

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