Bookminders Appoints Jessica Minkus as new CEO

Pittsburgh, January 19, 2022.

Bookminders announced today that Jessica Minkus has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer. After a decade and a half with the organization, Jessica succeeds Bookminders’ Founder Thomas Joseph who had retained that title for over 30 years. Thomas Joseph will remain available in an advisory capacity to Jessica as she continues to grow and expand the company.

Bookminders has spent over 30 years building a smart, connected, remote-first workforce and, for the last 15 years, Jessica has been a key driver in its growth and technological evolution. Joining Bookminders as a staff accountant in 2006, Jessica advanced rapidly through the organization in various management and executive roles until her appointment in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer. As the new CEO, Jessica is poised to lead the organization in its strategic growth objectives in 2022 and beyond.

“Jessica has been a pivotal factor in the success Bookminders has enjoyed over the last 15 years,” states Founder, Thomas Joseph. “Her passion and commitment to Bookminders’ values of providing optimal flexibility and the highest quality service has led to a workforce and client base that is happy, supported, and thriving.”

Minkus received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from The Ohio State University in 2003. Before joining Bookminders in 2006, Jessica worked as a tax preparer, controller, and consultant for several private organizations.

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