Bookminders’ Employee Surveys Results in Culture Badges Verified by Top Workplaces

Bookminders Aspiring Top Workplaces Culture Badges

In March of this year, Energage surveyed our staff as part of their Top Workplaces program evaluation. This survey asked staff to rate the company and their role across a variety of cultural dimensions. While we’ll have to wait until the autumn awards ceremony to learn if Bookminders has been named a Top Workplaces honoree – we already have some amazing news from Energage. Our employees’ feedback has resulted in the award of every Culture Badge earned through the Top Workplaces survey!

Each badge is achieved after a company scores in the top 25% of organizations in their benchmark that have been surveyed in the past 12 months. In addition to receiving all 12 badges in the first year Bookminders participated in the Top Workplaces evaluation, we have received the additional distinction of placing in the top 5% for all badges. Our management team is thankful that the supportive, transparent, and positive work environment we strive to maintain is authentically experienced by our staff! As Bookminders continue to grow, flexibility, work-life balance, and supported autonomy will continue to be the center of our remote-first culture.

Discover what our employees had to say about each cultural dimension considered in awarding these badges.

Bookminders’ Culture Badges: Achieved with 2022 Top Workplaces Survey:

  • Work Life Balance
    • Employees have the flexibility they need to balance their work and personal life.
  • Employee Appreciation
    • Employees feel genuinely appreciated at Bookminders.
  • Supportive Managers
    • Employees feel the managers at Bookminders care about their concerns and help them learn, grow, and succeed.
  • Meaningful Work
    • Employees’ jobs make them feel like they are part of something meaningful.
  • Clued-In Employees
    • Employees feel well-informed about important decisions at Bookminders.
  • Trusted Leader
    • Employees have confidence in the leader of Bookminders.
  • Leaders In-The-Know
    • Employees believe senior managers know what is really happening at Bookminders.
  • Strong Values
    • Employees believe that Bookminders operates by strong values.
  • Open Minded
    • Employees believe Bookminders encourages different points of view.
  • Company Direction
    • Employees believe Bookminders is going in the right direction.
  • Innovation
    • Employees believe new ideas are encouraged at Bookminders.
  • Cross-Team Cooperation
    • Employees believe there is good inter-departmental cooperation at Bookminders.