Julie Stahl

Julie Stahl

I absolutely love working at Bookminders! One of the highlights of my job here is the opportunity to collaborate with numerous fantastic non-profit organizations. These organizations are making a significant impact on the youth in their communities, and being able to support them through my accounting work is truly fulfilling. Although I didn’t have extensive experience with non-profit accounting before joining Bookminders, I’ve found it to be both challenging and rewarding. The wealth of experience that Bookminders brings to the table in this area, along with the support of my managers and trainers, has enabled me to enhance my non-profit expertise and play a crucial role within my clients’ organizations. The professional development opportunities I’ve experienced and the positive impact I’m making are incredibly gratifying!

Beyond the positive impact on my clients, Bookminders has also had a profoundly positive impact on my own life. Our company’s culture prioritizes both my personal and professional well-being, allowing me the freedom to set my own pace. In this current season of my life, where I’m heavily involved in activities with my kids, having the flexibility to balance work and family is invaluable. I deeply appreciate that I can adjust my workload to accommodate my family commitments without feeling overwhelmed or undervalued as a staff member. I’m confident that as my personal and professional goals evolve, Bookminders will continue to provide the support and flexibility I need to thrive.

Julie grew up on a dairy farm in Boswell, Pennsylvania and later graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Accounting in 2004. She previously worked in corporate accounting for an investments firm in Pittsburgh, joining Bookminders in 2020 after discovering it offered the ideal blend of flexibility and professional growth she was seeking. She became a Team Advisor in 2023 and has enjoyed collaborating with other coworkers.  Julie enjoys camping with her family and riding her bike.  

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