CPA Testimonials

CPA Testimonials

“When we perform audits on Bookminders’ clients, the process is easy, the clients are relaxed, and the information is clear, concise, and accurate.”

John Sommers

CPA Partner, McKeever Varga & Senko

We regularly refer nonprofit organizations who are looking for outsourced bookkeepers to Bookminders.

“We regularly refer nonprofit organizations who are looking for outsourced bookkeepers to Bookminders, as we know they will receive great service. Bookminders is always responsive and they work great with their client’s auditors.”

Jimmy Mo

Partner, Eisner Amper

“McGee Maruca & Associates, P.C.  highly recommends Bookminders.  We have worked with Bookminders for the past 28 years and can attest with certainty that Bookminders provides the utmost professional, highly quality services to all of the mutual clients we have worked with over the many years.”

Leslie McGee

CPA Principal, McGee Maruca & Associates

Bookminders listens carefully to how our clients work and restructures the accounting process to solve their problems

“Bookminders is more than just an outsourced accounting service. They listen carefully to how our clients work, how they use their financial information, questions board members ask, where things are confusing, what information is needed to track grants or restricted donations, and what information clients need to easily see in their reports. Bookminders then work to restructure the accounting process and design reports to solve these challenges. Clients receive meaningful and timely information to inform their decisions.”

Cindy Bergvall

Director, Bee Bergvall & Co

Bookminders’ reports enhance CPAs’ roles as trusted advisors and affords the opportunity to do more for clients.

“We are a CPA firm who values Bookminders service and have been recommending them to our clients for over 20 years. Bookminders offers professional, reliable, and friendly bookkeepers. Their reports enhance our role as trusted advisors and affords us the opportunity to do more for our clients. Bookminders is a trusted partner who enhances our services offering. Congratulations on 30 years of outstanding service!”

Ned Conley

Director, E.G. Conley, PC

Bookminders provides their clients with access to reliable monthly financial information, key to decision-making.

“Bookminders provides their clients with the means to access reliable monthly financial information, key to decision-making. Timely, accurate financial information is critical for all entities but not always easily achieved with internal staff. Bookminders also facilitates annual independent audits; assisting with one more management duty.”

Betsy Krisher

Chairman & CEO, MaherDuessel


“Bookminders provides the necessary reports and analysis that make the year-end closing and financial audit go smoothly.”

— Bob Driscoll, Director of Finance, BioAdvance

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Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corp

“Now at the end of the year, all my books are accurate and in order. As soon as we do the December close I am basically done for the year.” David Cranston Jr., President, Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corporation

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Chesapeake Light Craft

"Until we hired Bookminders, we'd always had an in-house bookkeeper at Chesapeake Light Craft. But the Bookminders team is exactly like having an in-house bookkeeper: instant response, frictionless flow of information, the same level of care and detail as we'd expect of someone working full-time at CLC."

— John C. Harris, Managing Director, Chesapeake Light Craft

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“The system that Bookminders uses works really well. We consistently get our financial information on a timely basis.” –Kristy Trautman, Executive Director, FISA

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La Prima Espresso

“We selected Bookminders so we would have professional accountants doing our bookkeeping. I know my accounting is right.”

— Sam Patti, Owner, La Prima Espresso

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“As a small non-profit we worry about having good financial controls and proper separation of duties, Bookminders provides that layer of security”

— Mark Masterson, Executive Director, NCDF

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