Jennifer Krebs

Jennifer Krebs

“I enjoy my job at Bookminders because it is interesting and engaging.  I work with a variety of unique non-profits, boroughs, and small businesses, and have built strong relationships with my clients, working with several of them for over 10 years!  They are my “in office” co-workers that I see once a week. I work the rest of the time from my home office. 

Bookminders has made a positive impact on my life by offering structured flexibility that is not provided in a traditional office setting.  When I started, I had the ability to be at home when my kids were young and work non-traditional hours.  Bookminders provides me the flexibility to be available for my family, on our schedule, which I never had in a traditional job. Additionally, when I started at Bookminders, I only lived in Pittsburgh for a few years.  My job gets me out meeting people and connecting to the city, but just a couple times a week.” 

Jennifer grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and attended Indiana University & Tri-State University while working in Retail Accounting at Supervalu.  Jennifer and her family moved to Pittsburgh in 2000 where she started working for a water utility company as a Financial Analyst. She began working at Bookminders in 2004 just after her first son was born. In 2022, Jennifer became a Project Manager and was named as a Team Advisor in 2023. She enjoys reading, gardening and watching her son play lacrosse!

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