Alyssa Setto

Alyssa Setto

There are so many reasons I love working at Bookminders!  I enjoy the freedom of choosing my own hours, both when I work and the amount that is a fit for me and my family.  Meeting new clients and collaborating with them to become more organized and efficient creates a workload that is both fun and challenging.  Working from a home office is wonderful, I really love working in pajama pants and slippers up to four days a week! 

Being able to choose my own hours and my own workload has been a saving grace for our family.  When childcare and schools shut down for COVID, there was no problem in keeping my young daughter at home with me.  I easily juggled spending time with her while continuing to get my work done when it was convenient for the family.  I count myself as extremely lucky that I was able to keep her safe at home without having to give up any of my income.

The flexibility we’re given at Bookminders directly equates into greater flexibility with the rest of my life.  I never have to use vacation time or ask permission to run errands or before scheduling personal appointments.  I save time and money by consolidating all my local client travel to just a day or two per week, instead of commuting daily.  Working at Bookminders provides the type of flawless work-life balance that most accountants can only dream of!

Above all the reasons I love working here, however, is the stellar management team supporting me!  Bookminders is the only company I have worked for where the management team truly prioritizes the employees, rather than simply focusing on the bottom line.  I’ve never once felt disrespected, easily replaceable, or like a “cog in the machine” while at Bookminders.  I’ve called my manager countless times without any kind of advance notice and she is always supportive and responsive. No manager here has ever made me feel as if my question was unimportant or bothersome. The support, respect, and appreciation I’ve felt from all levels of management is priceless to me, and it’s the principal reason I can’t imagine ever wanting to work anywhere else.

Alyssa is a Pittsburgh native who graduated with a double major in Accounting and Business Administration from Westminster College in 3 years. She previously worked as an Accounting Manager for Ducommun LaBarge Technologies and as a Project Controller for Bombardier.  Alyssa’s tenure at Bookminders started in 2019 when her daughter was 3 years old.

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