How the Service Works

How the Service Works

You can rely on your bookminder to keep accurate, up-to-date, reconciled books, with minimal supervision from you. Here’s how it works.

Over the years, we’ve found that the key to success is regular meetings with your bookminder to exchange information. At these meetings your bookminder will update your account summary, present payments for your approval, and resolve accounting issues.

From our secure data center, financial information can be mirrored on your network or accessed through an account on our server, where Bookminders is responsible for security and backups. If questions arise in between visits, you can reach your bookminder by email or phone.

Your bookminder will complete their work from a quiet, secure home office. This arrangement enables Bookminders to attract highly qualified accountants who need a flexible work schedule.

At year end, Bookminders provides your reconciled QuickBooks files and supporting documents to your accountant. Once your tax return or audit is complete, Bookminders will post any adjusting entries made by your accounting firm.


“Bookminders provides the necessary reports and analysis that make the year-end closing and financial audit go smoothly.”

— Bob Driscoll, Director of Finance, BioAdvance

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Butler County Humane Society

“Our auditor gave us a lower quote for next year’s audit, knowing that he is now auditing clean books.”

— Susan Yanakos, Butler County Humane Society

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City Theatre

“The level of knowledge is amazing. As an accountant, I ask tough questions and my bookminder always has the answer. They know their accounting.”

— Jan Ripper, Director of Finance, City Theatre

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Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corp

“Now at the end of the year, all my books are accurate and in order. As soon as we do the December close I am basically done for the year.” David Cranston Jr., President, Cranston Material Handling Equipment Corporation

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Green Building Alliance

“When I told my Board that I wanted to outsource our bookkeeping to Bookminders, it was an easy sale.”

— Mike Schiller, Executive Director, Green Building Alliance

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“As CEO, I appreciate that I have accurate, timely reports to share with my Board, my investors, and my team. I trust the numbers from my bookminder completely.”

— Tim Smith, President & CEO; LandOpt

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“The system that Bookminders uses works really well. We consistently get our financial information on a timely basis.” –Kristy Trautman, Executive Director, FISA

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Pines Tavern

“We hired Bookminders so we could focus on running our business. I didn’t go into the hospitality business to do bookkeeping.”

— Mike Novak, Owner, Pines Tavern

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La Prima Espresso

“We selected Bookminders so we would have professional accountants doing our bookkeeping. I know my accounting is right.”

— Sam Patti, Owner, La Prima Espresso

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“As a small non-profit we worry about having good financial controls and proper separation of duties, Bookminders provides that layer of security”

— Mark Masterson, Executive Director, NCDF

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