How It Works

How It Works

Practiceminders will provide the training and support you need to build your outsourced bookkeeping business. This program is designed to provide you with the infrastructure you need as your grow your practice. Our industry experts are available to provide financial and business consulting services during your practice-building journey.

Your introduction to our Practiceminders strategies and systems will begin with a two-day Boot Camp in Pittsburgh, which includes intensive workshops on Marketing & Sales, Pricing & Compensation and Service Delivery.

To kickoff your Marketing & Sales efforts, you will receive Marketing Literature and Estimating Tools that you can customize for your business. You will leave the boot camp with the New Hire Training study guide.

There will be regular ongoing training to reinforce each subject area. Monthly Webinars will give you in-depth discussion of specific marketing & sales topics, client service requirements, and industry solutions.

As a Licensee, you will have access to our Hosted Environment, which is a complete “Worksuite” with all the online reference materials that you and your employees need to work with clients.

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