Online Reference

Online Reference

Every bookkeeper has their own way of running QuickBooks, which is problematic if you’re trying to build a large, professional bookkeeping practice. Not having a documented system makes it difficult to maintain consistency and quality.

Practiceminders Program provides a written set of standards and procedures for each of your bookkeepers to follow, including online tools, templates and databases.

Standards & Procedures are organized in a Help System that is cross referenced and searchable. The Help System documents the best practices for design, setup, processing and reporting in a QuickBooks accounting system.

Spreadsheets and templates give your bookkeepers an array of tools to supplement QuickBooks.

Activity Database tracks each bookkeeper’s services provided, prepares Client invoices and calculates employee compensation.

Documented Industry Solutions are provided for nonprofit organizations, professional service firms, retail stores, franchises, technology companies, construction, contacting and others.