Bob Johnston

Bob Johnston

The most important benefit of working at Bookminders for me is the incredible flexibility. Unlike so many other places, here you are trusted and treated as a professional, with the freedom to arrange your work schedule in a way that suits your life. When I need to focus on personal things, I can take the time to do so, and then resume my work at a time that works for me. This has given me the kind of work-life balance that I have never experienced, reducing the stress in my life and enhancing my lifestyle.

In addition to the flexibility, the kind of work I get to do at Bookminders is professionally and personally satisfying. Typically, the reason a client hires Bookminders is that they do not have accounting expertise available. I leverage the knowledge gained throughout my career to help our clients operate smoothly and efficiently. My clients are incredibly appreciative of this expertise and knowing that my work at Bookminders makes a difference in clients’ organizations has led to a continued sense of accomplishment. Improving operations for our for-profit firms certainly contributes to my self-esteem, but Bookminders also works with many non-profits. It is gratifying to support organizations that make an impact in the community and better people’s lives.

Bob is a native Pittsburgher and attended Duquesne University for both his BSBA and MBA. Bob started his career with KPMG (then Peat Marwick Mitchell) and then worked at H. J. Heinz corporate headquarters for over 25 years in the Controllers department. After leaving Heinz, he ran his own franchised-company for several years. Bob began working at Bookminders in 2017 and recommends it as a great place to work in the pre-retirement years.

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