Jessica Minkus, Bookminders CEO, Honored at the 2023 Pittsburgh Business Times C-Suite Awards

Jessica Minkus, Bookminders CEO, 2023 Pittsburgh Business Times C-Suite Award Winner

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 9, 2023:

Jessica Minkus, CEO of Bookminders, was honored at the Pittsburgh Business Times C-Suite Awards gala on November 9th. This event celebrated the remarkable leadership of 25 executives who have made a meaningful impact on the Greater Pittsburgh region. Awardees were recognized for their pivotal role in navigating the evolving business landscape, demonstrating skills, agility, and unwavering dedication in seizing opportunities and managing risks during both prosperous and challenging times. Co-presented by Aon and Fox Rothschild, this year marks the second edition of these prestigious awards.

Jessica Minkus, Bookminders CEO honored with Pittsburgh C-Suite Award at Annual Gala

Minkus contributes much of her impressive executive achievements at Bookminders to a fantastic cultural fit and the employee-centric, supportive environment. “In a small company like Bookminders, the path to the C-suite isn’t specifically laid out,” she reflects, “I feel extremely fortunate to have found a company early on in my career in which I could make a tremendous impact and thrive.” Apart from the company culture, Jessica’s management ascent is marked by her love for learning, willingness to work hard, commitment to continual improvement, and focus on innovative solutions. “If I see someone struggling with a process, I don’t just want to fix it for them; I want to find a way to turn a struggle into an opportunity that makes our company better as whole.”

Jessica’s leadership style, as described by her colleagues, blends approachability, strength, vision, and kindness. She is recognized for her hands-on approach, working closely with team members, understanding their daily challenges, and ensuring they have the resources they need to succeed. Jenna Kelly, Bookminders’ Office Manager, commends Jessica’s accessibility, stating “her availability, mentorship, and support empower everyone and make them feel valued.” Jennifer Whitmore, Director of Technology and Communications at Bookminders says, ““Jessica’s approach ensures that leadership decisions are made with a long-term mindset. We look beyond short-term fixes and focus on the long-lasting impacts for both staff and clients.”

With flexibility and employee well-being long touted as top priorities at Bookminders, Jessica has rolled out multiple initiatives in the past year that augmented staff resources and mentoring opportunities throughout the organization. “We want Bookminders to be a destination workplace,” Jessica enthuses, “a place where staff find their perfect blend of work-life harmony and know we equally value their personal and professional development.”

Jessica Mink
Pictured Left to Right:
Joann Fabrizio: J Fab Consulting LLC – Founder & CEO,
Jennifer Whitmore: Bookminders -Director of Technology & Communications,
Jessica Minkus: Bookminders – Chief Executive Officer,
Pamela Falkner Hartigan: Bookminders – Director of Busihness Development,
Gina Kallick: Entrepreneurs Forever – Small Business Advisor